A Prayer to Tyr

Holy Tyr, may my love for my community always be stronger than my fear of loss. On Tuesdays I light a candle before in image of Tyr (also known as Tiwaz or Tiw), a Northern god of war and justice. My late partner was a Tyr’s-man, and at first I honored his god as part […]


I am working primarily with Odin All-Father during this stage of my journey, and as part of that I am starting to learn the Elder Futhark. I’ve worked with tarot for decades and feel very comfortable with its rich imagery. The abstract glyphs of the runes are much more difficult for me to memorize and […]


It’s been more than a year since I created this site and made my first blog post, and aside from some minor tweaks I’ve done nothing with it since then. There have been a couple of reasons for this. The first is that a little more than a month after I went live, my father, […]

3 Threads of Spirituality

What is the purpose of religion and spirituality? Ask a dozen people and you may get a dozen different answers, but three major themes come up again and again: 1. To cultivate a right relationship with the Divine, 2. To become a better person on a deep level, 3. To become better able to serve […]