Q: Why “Feral” Holiness?

A:  By naming my practice Feral Holiness, I affirm. . . .

The Divine can not be limited by human boundaries. It transcends all theologies and creeds.

A person can express his or her spirituality in prayer and contemplation, liturgy and ritual, service and social justice, scientific or academic pursuits, the fine arts, the martial arts, family and parenting, outdoor activities, sexuality. . . The possibilities are endless.

People of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles are beloved of the Divine and entitled to a full and rich spiritual life.

Q: Do I have to be a Pagan/Polytheist/something else in order to work with you?

A: No! If you resonate with what you read on my site and think that I could be of service to you in your spiritual quest, then I’m happy to talk with you. People who identify as members of a traditional faith are also welcome, especially if they have doubts or questions they don’t feel comfortable expressing to someone within their own community.

Q: Isn’t spiritual direction a Christian thing?

A: Like most spiritual practices, spiritual direction is something which transcends any one tradition. It originated in the monastic communities of both East and West, but in the last few decades it has become popluar among lay people who are looking for one-on-one support in their spiritual lives.


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