My passion is helping people enrich their spiritual journeys and connect more deeply with the Holy Powers. Contact me if you’d like to find out more about how I can help you on your path.

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Spiritual Direction

As a spiritual director, I facilitate the creation of a safe, sacred space in which you can speak your truth, give voice to and wrestle with spiritual doubts and questions, tell your sacred story, and discover new possibilities for growth and joy. Together — in the company of the gods — we reflect on the places and ways you already experience the Divine, and explore new ways to deepen and strengthen that connection. Your desires, yearnings, questions, and delight will set our course. I will be both a respectful and compassionate listener and a guide who can share the wisdom gained from my personal and academic experience: a rich collection of stories, vocabulary, practices, and other resources from a variety of spiritual paths.

Ritual Consultation and Celebration

Ritual is a place where individuals, communities, and the Holy Powers come into intimate contact in sacred time and space. As a priestess, I can help people clarify how they wish to commemorate the important events in their lives — both of joy and of sorrow — and then create a ceremony which meets those needs. As an ordained minister, I can perform legal wedding ceremonys.


Spiritual direction and ritual consultations can be done in person or by phone, email, or Skype. Ritual celebration is only available in the greater Seattle, WA area.