Ritual Creation and Celebration

Human beings use ritual to commemorate and celebrate the sacred moments in our lives as individuals, families, and communities. Marriages, funerals, graduations, and baby showers are among the very few ways modern American culture supports these celebrations, and many people would like to find or create other ways to sacralize rites of passage or to support transformation.

In addition to weddings and funerals, rituals can be created to celebrate birth, adoption, adolescence or coming of age, leaving home to go to school, leaving home for military service, blessing a new home, blessing and taking leave of a home, taking a new name, ending a period of mourning, transitioning gender identity, or going through a divorce.

As a priestess, ritualist, and celebrant, I can help you create ceremonies that are meaningful to you in the context of your own life and path. If desired, I can also lead rituals, including perform legal marriages, but you are not obligated to include me if you would prefer to do it yourself or seek another celebrant.

As a feral priestess, I would be delighted to help design and celebrate polyamorous weddings and family or household blessings, and celebrations for the kink community like collarings and other commitment ceremonies.


Ritual Consultation:  $45
I will engage you in an in-depth conversation about the purpose of your ritual, your beliefs, the context of your wider life, and what kinds of practices you feel comfortable with (or are interested in trying out). I will encourage you to provide samples of writing and/or music that are meaningful to you. The final product will be a collaborative effort.

Ritual Consultation and Celebration: $85
In addition to the above, I will act as priestess/celebrant for your ritual.

Ritual Celebration without Consultation:  $50
If you already have a ritual designed and simply need someone to perform the ceremony, I can take your text in advance and then show up for rehearsal and performance. I do require an in-person meeting first to make sure I understand your ritual and your expectations, so we are all comfortable that I will be the appropriate person for your celebration.

If you are already a spiritual direction client, ritual consultation can be done as part of a regular session, or it can be added as an extra session for $30.